Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Dec 21, How excited are

your kids?? Alex is so excited, he can't stand himself! He has been counting down, and getting into the "shopping season" himself. Myself, it has been a busy few weeks.
We got the tree and got it up and decorated. Hassle free this year. Not sure what we did right, but it was an enjoyable tree experience.

we took the kids to see Santa. Man, talk about anticipation!! When he asked the kids what they wanted, Alex rattled off a list a mile long. Kimberly told him one thing, and Ethan looked at the man in red like he had three heads. I am not sure I could be a mall Santa...(Even if I were the right gender) If I think about it long enough, I will go into convulsions, so I will let someone else do that job, I'll just take the pics.

not to mention, they cost an arm and a leg to purchase. OY! 21.95 for 2 5 x 7's. Sheeish. I remember when Alex was little, you could just "visit" santa, and mom could take all the pics she wanted.....egads.
ok, next on my busy, busy schedule... torment PEtie. I know I post a lot about the cat. And, I can't just post about the kids, so this is whet I did, I boutght him an elf costume. He was not HALF as amused as I He had the hat and collar on for about 2.5 seconds. look closely at his paw, you'll see him giving me a furrry middle finger!
and lastly, I took the kids to get their pictures taken for christmas. I will say thing, they looked great! The boys wore their suits, and Kimberly wore the dress she wore in the wedding. (her wedding dress) I have no photo to show you, since they would not let me take pics in there.....
so for now, I have 4 days to finish baking, finish christmas presents, and wrap the ones for the kids. Anyone want to help with the wrapping??


Anonymous said...

Ummm...I dont blame Petie. Im shocked that he let you put it on him. As for the Santa picture very cute. We saw Santa last week at the Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg. We got a big package and a mug with Josh's and Santa's picture on it for $24. It was cheap and Santa was awsome. We are going to take him there again next year since the price is right.

Marlene said...

Ha ha! Kodiak got one of those elf neck collar thingies, too. Shannon stuck one in his stocking! Can't wait to put it on him. :) Oh the things we do to torment our pets.

Great pic of Santa with the kids. Yeah, $21 is a lot, but you'll cherish the pic for many years to come.

Anonymous said...