Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ever have one

of those days, when things are just crazy, and you feel like you are at the end of your rope? That was me on Sunday. It was a day of craziness, and then dh had band practice. Super. I love that Dh plays in a band, and he is VERY good at what he does, but Sunday an extra set of hands would have been fabulous. I made dinner and while cleaning up, I hear a commotion in the living room, and a bunch of giggling. Usually, when all three are giggling, they are up to something.-and it usually isn't a good thing. I was getting ready to yell "hey, what's going on in there" but I decided, save the vocal chords and like a sane person, walk in and see what is going on to cause fits of laughter. Alex greets in at the edge of the living room, laughing and saying "mom, we're the three witches!" "get it three WHHHHITCHES??" (no, I didn't get it) but could not help but smile to see all three of them, with hats on their heads, and pretending to fly around the room. No matter what, they were the cutest little witches!!