Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the problem with being

I was busy today, typing the paper that is due tomorrow (with PLENTY of time to spare) anyhow, when I was finished, I went to back door to let in the dog. It was a rather nice day out, so he was on the deck. Petie strolls in. He goes immediately to the fridge and when it will not open automatically, he looks at me and yowls. I put my hand down to pet him. You remember, right? The time I posted about his arching up to meet us, when we were petting him... anyhow, he arches up on his tippy toes to meet my hand. Somehow is all the antics, he lost his footing. How I have no idea, he has the largest back feet I have seen. (Bugs Bunny would be envious) Petie falls backward, and as to not fall, he takes a step back, RIGHT into the dog's water bowl. His WHOLE backside. Feet, tail, and tush now dripping with water. Not just any water, but water that has been contaminated by those slobbery mutts that he has to put up with. I am sorry, but I stood there, looking at this pathetic sopping wet cat and laughed. I mean out and out belly laugh. Priceless. His ears went IMMEDIATELY flat. He turned, stuck his tail up in the air, went through the doggie door, and stompped down the satirs. Have you ever heard a cat stomp?? he sounded like a herd of elephants.... Wonder if he will arch up to meet our hands anymore?