Friday, March 13, 2009

it has been a while

since I updated my blog. Sorry about that. Everyone has been asking what has petie been up to. No Good. lazy good for nothing, (except maybe a few laughs)He is a brat. Capital B, little rat. When I go to class on Tuesday and Thursdays, Dana does things with the kids. And, of course, Petie. This one day, maybe a few weeks ago, he lets Petie in, and then, coaxes him up on the shelf. Yes, the shelf. This is the shelf by my front door. Doesn't he look just absolutely board out of his ever lovin' pea pickin' little mind??

here, he is, contemplating jumping up on my curtain rod... He'd better not.
After being sufficiently board with this antic, he went to the other side of the room, to that shelf...

perhaps his whiskers got to close to the light bulb. Perhaps there was a stink bug buzzing around in there... what ever the case, he hopped off, and wen to the basement, and his crack den.
Enough about that little rascal. Remember me telling you a few months ago, that Petie was trying to chase a Bird from inside the house, and ran into the window? I thought I would show you a picture of the source of Petie's angst.
Notice how he looks like he is taunting the cat. At the time the photo was taken, Petie was lying in my bay window, tail twitching back and forth rather quickly.
OK, moving on. This blog was originally started, to share things about the kids, with all my relatives and friends. Somehow, it has been monopolized by one silly cat, and some other various pets. I swear, the kids are fine....
to prove that fact, below is a picture of them, with half of their matchbox collection, spread out on the living room floor. HALF. Sigh. and last, but really not least is Freckles. I usually do not post about the dog. I am not normally a dog person. But Freck... He will play Frisbee all day. I took him out yesterday and played Frisbee with him. This was him afterward, cooling off... First, let me just say, that he is a honest to goodness Border Collie. He is red, and his ears don't flop like most normal collies. He fits in perfectly with this, because I am not sure anyone in my family is normal. Have you MET my sister?? yet I digress... Anyhow, Freck... You could radio Moscow with those ears. For real. And the tongue... the tongue is to long for his beak. Yes, I said beak. Look at it... long and kinda pointy... looks like a beak to me.

Notice how it is lobbing out of the side of his mouth. He could care less. Big dope. He is great with the kids, so I cannot complain. And, he can catch a Frisbee like no body's business!
I have some other pics I want to post, but they are lost in the abyss which is my laptop. I will need to weed through and then post.
So there you have it. An updated post with all the news that's fit to print. Not really a witty story, or bits of kitty wisdom, just plain mundaneness.


Unhinged said...

That Petie is quite the cat. Holy matchbox cars, though....think you need to add to that collection! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Geez, and that's only half of their Matchboxes! Good God! Glad to see a pic of Freck. He's such a good dog. All he wants is to be played with and loved! And hit the nail on the head with the "crack den"!


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