Saturday, March 14, 2009

remember back in

November, where I shared the experience with you, of Petie's first vet visit?? Ok, so picture it. Kids are out side riding bikes on the sidewalk, freck is chasing the Frisbee, and Petie is up his favorite tree. Dh gets the idea, that we should take the kids to the school playground, which is literally right around the corner from the house.we start out, and Petie follows us, all stalkingly like. I ignore him, thinking he will turn around once he gets two housed down, and we don't pay aby attention to him.
we get to the stop sign, and turn to go over the bridge. Petie comes flying out of no where, and comes to a skidding halt, right on the bank of the creek- which by the way of full of water. We cross the bridge, and we think that he will now have to turn around, because he is not going to cross the creek, right? Wrong.
He came around the corner and when we looked, he was over the bridge. Still ignoring him, we cross the street, the kids, the dog, dh and I. Surely he will give up and go home. no such luck.
So, as I watch Petie cross the street, dh says Call him, pick him up, put him in the house and come back and play. Ok, so the little twerp comes over to me, after a bit of coaxing. I stroke his back,and pick him up. I start to walk for home and I feel Petie tense up in my arms. I mean, it felt like rigamortice set in. Rut-roh. I should have known better. Petie went into all out chainsaw mode. He was NOT happy, that I had foiled his plan to go on a walk with the fam. He scratched, he hissed, he spit.... I hung on for dear life, at least until I crossed the street and crossed the bridge, so he would not be in harms way. not before he managed to sink his fangs into my knuckles several times... We came back home shortly there after, and after we got every one inside, I called for Petie, who was by the fence in the front yard. I swear I got the furry middle finger in several different languages.