Thursday, November 8, 2007

so it says

on my can of XXL Monster (liquid smarties in a can) that you should consume no more than 2 a day. Myself, I favor the 22 oz ers. the 12 oz one says the same thing. hmmm... makes a person wonder, which one to believe. Myself, I will opt for the 22 oz's of smartie goodness. Looks like I am going to be pulling alot of late nights, trying to put coherent, rational thoughts on paper. May, or may not be coherent, or organized (yeah, go fig on that one)but at least I will be wide awake while spouting out drivel. Drinking a couple of monsters, is like drinking a Gimlet. well, maybe that is a stretch, nothing compares to Goose, unless of course,you are talking Belvedere.(right Laura??) ha ha ha.
I have 6 pages down, only 14 more to go, but I can't seem to move the block from out of my head, and if I do not get something accomplished, I swear, I will have a posse after me... ha ha. now that you all know what I am not doing, guess I had better get to it. And Marlene, I will still love you, even if my hair turns out purple. :)besides, Rachael said she would do it if I did, so maybe she can join us in some dying fun... Gunna stop tomorrow, and stock up on Monster....


bugs said...

I thought this might help with your trials. It is somewhat about writing on the hindsight. I have more if you need it. The less you think about it the easier it is and faster it goes. Here it is. think about it....

Where do princesses go?

Where do princesses go when the book is closed?
Do they disappear and lie dormant on the pages?
Or do they live on…
Experiencing, relishing, savoring and enjoying the same aspects of life
We tend to overlook due to their commonplace
Loving what we discard because of normalcy
Things like the smell of hot coffee on a frigid January morn.
The taste of warm bread dipped in gravy on Thanksgiving
The way that lights on a pine tree can just melt your cares away from your soul
The chirping of the first robin to return
Where do princesses go?
Wherever they want, they are royalty after all.

Paul J. Bugbee

Marlene said...

Love that poem, Paul!

Stuffie....remember....the goal is 3 pages per it? :)

Anonymous said...