Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Peace to all

Ambidexterous penguines. That was my phrase I was most noted for saying in High school, although it was not the one posted in the year book. Funny how something so simple can come full circle. I have found that as of late, toxic things have been surfacing, be it people, or papers being due, and today I was just told the deadline for my paper has been moved up. And funny, lots of people have rallied around me, to offer support, and encouragement. People I had no idea even gave a crap. Those people have offered proofing and editing. (and I so thank them from the bottom of my heart)
and, as for the peace, well, I have been blessed with a best friend, who ALWAYS has my back. I love her for that. I have good friends, who I have surrounded myself with, who are there. Who will give me a giggle or two (thanks mufflers) and let me talk it through, raving loon or not, or those, that want to do an impromptu lunch.
To all of you in my life that mean something to me, and you know who you are, I say this- Peace to ALL ambidexterous penguines.


Anonymous said...

I love being your BFF!!! ha ha! So glad you have found such great friends & support through everything in your life!! You will get your paper done even if we all have to tie you down & force you to type!!! hahaha! You know we love you!


Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts there Miss Stuffie! Your paper will get written, you will pass your class, and you will graduate. Plain and simple! You know we're there to help if you need it! If you want some time from me, let me know over the weekend. The work schedule has to be in Monday mornings! OXOX


mimihughes said...

Yep, we will hound you until that paper is done, darnit!! But know that we all love you and want to be at the graduation party, too!! LOL

Marlene said...

Positive thoughts!! Positive thoughts! Serenity now!!! Serenity now!! :)

Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Isnt your spellchecker working for PENGUINS? That's strange, you must be drinking some bleach in that monster. And if that were so, ambidexterity would look like nuclear science to a penguin (notice no e on the end of the correct spelling Diz) I love my friends from school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GET YOUR DARN PAPER DONE EARLY!!! >:}