Friday, November 9, 2007

I am happy to

report, that I just sent off 9 pges to my prof, for his agonizing reading pleasure... ha ha. They will get bounced back to me no doubt, with a zillion things to be revised, but for tonight, I can enjoy the fat I am almost half finished. Not all I need to do, is a powerpoint presentation, so I have visuals for the bord o english to gaze upon, as they sit mezmerized but my fantabulous paper.... oh, back to reality, haha.
Bugs- great poem, honored that you would post it on my blog. and to anonomyous, who didnt like the way I seplled penguinEs. I rather like the E there. Yes I did use spell check, and it did not flag it. I think the E makes it more fun. more romantic. ha ha so, now to contemplate what to do with the rest of my evening, EXCEPT revise, and re type and redo. Perhaps I will find this great little scrapbook store, and scrap. anyone know where I might find one of those????? heeee heeeeee