Sunday, September 30, 2007

sending out a long distance hug

to all of you. All my friends, all of my family. To those of you, who could use a good hug, and those of you who are OK on your hug ration. Everyday, Alex goes to kindergarten, and while he is there, Kimberly and Ethan miss him... one of the things they do, will be walk around the living room, going Hug, hug, hug... so they go and hug tight, and then fall over. The fall into a heap of body parts and a fit of giggles. They will do this all morning. It cracks me up right along with them. I am glad that all three are close, and that they love one another. I hope it carries through the rest of their lives. yes, I know i will have sibling rivalry, but for the most part, it isn't that bad.
so to all of you, reading my blog, enjoy this random (((((hug))))).