Monday, September 10, 2007

Indecision Rocks!!

Dana's band, plays out, at least twice a month. There are a few bars, where they are regulars, and it is always fun to go see. This past weekend, they played Lansdale Bike Nite, on Main St. in Lansdale. There was an estimated 40,000 people there, with 10,000 bikes. Big bikes, little bikes, scooters, and I think we even saw a moped or two.Bicycles were choppered out.
They played before a decent crowd. They got a few more gigs booked. Good times.
they totally ROCKED.!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like fun... went to bike night in Lansdale last year, but i guess i missed the "memo" this year on that one :(

Anonymous said...

Helps to have some "groupies" too! Maybe next year we'll walk a little bit farther and see some more.


Rollie said...

Glad you had this this weekend :)

Marlene said...

Which one is the bass again??? heehee.

Trish said...

I missed bike night! my brother went and took his bike, wonder if he heard the band? Trish

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