Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Simple Things.

I must admit, I have been rather lax in my blogging. Things have been kinda nutty, with both my folks sick, and Dana out of town, and classes...well, I am happy to report, that both mom and dad are on the mend, Dana made it home safe and sound, and my classes, well, they're still there.
We ran all over God's acre today, searching for yard sales/flea markets (No, I did not buy any fleas...)anyhoo- I digress. Getting home tonight, kids wound tighter than an 8 day top, dinner in hand, at 7:00, we had dinner. (OY!!)
Ethan decided on the way into the house, that he would bring in the pumpkins that are on my stoop. He spent the rest of the evening, carrying around those pumpkins. He loves them. (Thanks Denise!!) They have gone from floor, to table, to couch, to entertainment center, to other couch...(apparently, the pumpkins are traveling all over God's acre- (aka: my living room)as well, as the small tot toting them.) Just watching him, with the grin on his face, and the laughter in his voice, was cool. He is enjoying a gourd. A small Orange symbol of Halloween. I love the way he will squeal PUNKINS at the top of his little voice. Like I said- it's the simple things.