Monday, August 6, 2007

Luggage cart Luge

ok- I said I was going away for a few days to "scrap". well, I did go away, and "scrapped". in our down time, we needed to entertain ourselves. Heidi and Carley decided to start a new sport- luggage cart luge. well, it all started out good, everyone hanging on, and then the wheels would move, and they would hit the curb. Good news, no one got hurt. Bad news? never made it to the LUGE part. Oh well. there is always January, when we go back. Wonder if the resort would mind, if we poured water down the road, to help with our track... we had a bunch of fun, some of us broke door knobs, some of us peed our pants literally laughing, and some of us had a great time. To all the girls in the possee out there- I am sending out a big shout out, and heidi, depends are on their way!