Saturday, August 18, 2007

I have got so

much to share with you all- and still on the hunt for the missing software- good news, I think I found it, bad news, no time today to install. Taking a minate to just say, hang tight, it is on its way. We have had a busy few weeks, and LOTS to show you. Ringing Rocks Park, Car show in Perkasie (Hi Steph, and Gwyn and crew, and Andrew looks JUST like you BTW). Hope all is well- the rat race of class begins next week, and then KINDERGARTEN for Alex. Where did the time go?
Ethan has a Ped. check up, and was 28 lbs, and 36 inches. He is off the charts in height. (so suprised...?!?!?!) and in the 70th percentile for weight, so we have another string bean. :) So frickin' cute though. (Little secret, Kimberly is 32 lbs)ha ha. other than that, pretty mundane- but loads going on.
Peace, Out-