Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Get my toes, mommy

is what Kimberly was saying. Get Peties toes. Get his tail. He has cute toes mommy. Did you get his toes, mommy? Smile pretty mommy. Get my toes, mommy. So you can see, just how much, this small ball of fuzz has impacted all of us. He is so sweet, and wants to play, and sleep, and he wants to be with the kids. he played int he flower garden with them, while I was finishing up the painting I had left to do on the dresser, which is done, and I will post that later on.

back to Petie. Petie will sleep in the middle of the living room floor. he will sleep on me, he will sleep on the couch, he sleeps in book bags. He is just so stinkin cute, and he loves the kids. I love that. Glad he stumbled into our car, :)