Monday, January 12, 2009


is more embarrassing when you're a cat? Picture this. You see your arch rival. He is looking at you, all puffed up. So, you puff up back, and take it one step further, you flatten your ears. That's what i did. I crouched down, I puffed up, I flattened my ears, hell, I looked HUGE. I was going to take down that good for nothing next door neighbor cat once and for all. I see my human come out to start the truck so she can take the shorter humans off somewhere is that big noisy thing. She notices the peach cat so she stoops down to scratch HIS ears. I let out a nice guttural growl, just for good measure, to let that so and so know that, that human belongs to ME. I am the one who tells that human when I want food, and to go fix it. I let that human pet me on occasion. I hunker down just a bit further and I also wiggle my butt so they both know I mean business. She stands up, and that peach pansy runs across the street. She comes my way and picks me up. WTF? I mean, can't she see I am in battle mode and about to kick some furry ass? come on, she's making me look bad. I don't care the she is scratching my ears, she has just pet HIM. I see him look over his shoulder at me, and I swear he snickered. I hissed to let him know this was not over, not by a long shot. I push against my human, to get down, I even wriggle. She just tells me to knock it off, and tightens her grip. Crap, now even the birds in the tree are laughing at me, being carried into the house like a wimp. I am sooooo going to poop on her pillow!

signed, a very pissed off Petie.

in case you're wondering, I have tied my human up in the basement, and will let her out when I see fit.