Wednesday, January 13, 2010


we have a missing tooth. I repeat, we have a missing tooth! I know, exciting stuff here on the home front!
On Sunday, Kimberly lost her first tooth on Sunday. While eating an egg. She was so stinking excited, she could not stand herself!!! The one right next to it is loose too, and we are going to the dentist today, so see if he is going to pull it, since her "big girl" tooth is coming up behind it. I am sure it is fine, but... better safe than sorry.
The tooth fairy did some, and delivered to her, gold going is a mesh bag. She also left sparkles behind... all over the dresser where she left her monetary prize, and on the bed and floor... (she musta hit the sauce before flyin' I tell ya! I have never seen a kid so excited to loose her teeth!