Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We went to A-Day

this past weekend. For those of you not acquainted, A-day is held by my soon to be alma-mater (SP, I know, and seriously pinching myself as I type that phrase, can it REALLY be true?) ANyhow, they bring a lot of the love stock out for you to see, and you can go on a wagon ride around to the barns etc. It is a lot more commercialized than it ever was, but it was still a fun day. Ethan was in all his glory, there were pigs everywhere. He would run from one stall to the other, (his pig in hand) and kneel down to visit the pigs. He saw baby pigs, big fat, ugly pigs... never mind the cute little chicks, bovines and huflangous horses. I have pics to post for you all to see, it was cute. The boys were estatic that the tractor pulling the wagon we rode on as none other than a John Deere. My boys (well one anyway) could have died right there a happy kid. Pigs and John Deere. What more can you ask for??