Tuesday, July 15, 2008

all in the name of Kitty Hash-

ok, so I started a huge post, and had it mostly finished, but it got eaten by the cyber trolls. Here I go again, after being heckled by certain somebodies (and YOU know who you are) I am back for attempt #2.
As I said earlier, (before it got eaten) that...

The people next door to us moved and left their kitty. She is about a year and a half old, an orange tabby, very sweet, good with dogs, and kids and she needs a good home. (referably not mine) I believe she has been fixed, and she is just very nice. She came over to our yard yesterday, and this is where Petie got his knickers in a knot. You see, she WAS his girlfriend when he was a bit younger. (like 3 months ago) They must have had a lover's spat, because now everytime he sees her, he arches up, and makes this low gutteral sound I had no idea he was capable of. (kinda scary). As I was petting the stray homeless kitty (she still lays on her stoop, it is kind of sad, really) Well to add insult to injury on his part, she hopped up in my lap. Petie strutted over, made this horrendous noise, and she refused to budge.

Fast foreward a few hours, and it is bed time, and Petie is in the house. He didn't move far from the front stoop for the longest time. Dana felt bad for his slight nose out of joint-ness, decided to give Petie the kitty hash we had stored for him in the cabinet. To make it a bit more entertaining, he gave Peite the Corn- Flake box.
That seemed to ease his little kitty disgruntaled-ness. And we were entertained in the mean time. The thing we do for fun... lol


Anonymous said...

What is this?????? only 7 words, maybe I am missing something, but this is all that came through. "all in the name of Kitty Hash-" is that it?????

Anonymous said...

How in the world could they up and move and just leave the cat? Some people! I wonder if you could take it to a no-kill rescue group. There's one down here called Stray Cat Blues at PetSmart.

Anywho...Petey, as usual is very entertaining. Too cute he is!


Anonymous said...

Yea, a message I could actually read. I can imagine Dana walking in on you while you are sniffing your pencils. I would have given 100,000,000.00 to see that one. (NO YOU CANNOT REPEAT IT AGAIN THIS WEEKEND) Only once per sniff.

Really enjoyed your kitty hash story. You should write a book, believe me it would sell.

stuffie said...

perhaps I will... I would then be able to keep petie in kitty has for good.

Marlene said...

People who move without their cats should be pissed on by every stray cat in the world.

There. I said it. And I meant it, too.

Anonymous said...