Wednesday, July 16, 2008

colored pencil goodness...

I am going to share a little know fact about me... I love, love, love them smell of prisma color colored pencils. Love them. I was given a set for Christmas, my senior year in High school. I still have them. I put them in numeric order, so I would know which ones I was missing and then I went online and printed off the list of the pencils that should be in my box. I checked it against what I actually had, and realized I am missing only 9 pencils. (Not to shabby after 16 years...). I went to Michael's and bought the missing pencils. (so happy) Last night, after we got home, I sharpened them, and then as they were in my hand, I sniffed them. I love the smell of them!!! I did not hear Dana come down the stairs or into my scrap room,just in time to see me sniffing... He just looked at me and shook his head. There are certain brands of scrapbooking paper I love to sniff too. (basic grey is one of them).
I put all the pencils in the carousel I have, and it is driving me crazy to have them in non-numeric order... so I think later on today, I will put them back in their rightful order, in their safe tin...~sigh. What I don't do for fun.