Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school

dawned bright and sunny. The kids were excited. I was excited. It was a strange day- Kimberly went to preschool, Alex went to first grade. It was just Ethan and I for the morning. We waited for the bus, and while waiting, I took these:
Kimberly, refusing to smile, ticked that she could not wear her sandles, waited impatiently for the bus. I load her on the bus, and walk the boys to school. We walked this road a million times, since we take the kids there to play all the time. This time was different, he was going to be there ALL day.

With him, I remember bring him home, and taking the laundry to hang outside. I remember hearing the bell, and all the kids playing. I remember thinking "will this squalling pink blob EVER be old enough for first grade, and will he EVER stop eating every 2 hours? OY. It is very surreal that today was that day.
after taking Alex to school. Ethan and I went to the grocery store. SOme of the employees that i see all the time inquired where the other kids were. I was still pretty stoked that it was just me and Ethan. Bring the groceries home, and put them away. While doing so, I hear the same bell I have heard for years, but this time, I knew MY baby was on the playground. His voice was making up the plethora of noise that was coming from the general direction. Was he happy? Was he playing with anyone? What did he have for lunch? did he actually EAT lunch? I get Kimberly off the bus, and feed she and Ethan. When I can stand it no more, (and it is time for us to go get hair cuts) I pack the two little guys in the truck, and go look at the school play ground. -thinking to myself, I just need to see him out there, running around. Nope. No luck. I hardly saw any of the other kids, Well, giving up, I go get hair cuts. (which is a whole NUTHER saga...)
Good news is, I survived. Of coarse he survived. This was the conversation we had last night at bed time:
A: "Mom, school really knocked me on my butt"
Me: "oh, how so"
A: "well, it was REALLY, REALLY hard"
Me: " that's ok, you're not expected to know it all today"
A: " I don't think I want to go back to school"
me: " well, look at it this way- I am still in school"
A (grins at me) : "is it hard, mom?"
Me: "nope. it's just like first grade, only I don't get to color."
A: " WELL, just so you know, I didn't get to color much today, either."

After a few hugs, he was ready for bed. I think he'll be just fine. I'll be just fine. - come talk to me when Ethan goes, I'll be a blubbering mess...