Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shelter from the storm...

so, I always blog about Petie. Sometimes, I even blog about the kids. I seldom blog about Puff. Puff and Herman (his brother) were born the day we got married. We kept Mama, and her 4 babies. We lost Bandit this past spring, and the other two, a while ago. So, now we have these two "old men" They are going to be 14 next month. Anyhow- most of the days, the "boys" (as I have always called them) spend the afternoon sleeping in the mulch in my garden. Puff, however, has found a new local. He sleeps on the roof of the garage. It is pergect for him- he has the eve to protect him from the weather, he has the shade of the blackberry bush. (For those of you that are going to, or have recieved a sprig of said bush, beware.- just sayin' is all, don't say I didn't warn you. I too started out with one harmless sprig-thanks, Julie)
Right now, as the world gets ready for hurricane what's-her-name- Puff is hunkered down on the roof. It is raining at a pretty good clip here now, and he is nice and dry.