Thursday, September 11, 2008

they get you coming and going...

three years ago, we leased a truck. It was (is) a pretty blue truck, loaded to the hilt. There is not one more option you could put on this truck, and we ave loved it. I have never been attached to a car,but this one, I am. There are memories in this truck. Some really good, and some not so good. Our lease is up on Oct 14. So, we decided that we ad two options. 1. (nd one we both thought would work best) buy the one we have. Why not, right? It has everything we want. Anyhow, I called Ford today, and they will finance it for 36 months. Ok, my residual balance is 18,500. They told me my payment would be 733.00 for 3 years. Are they flippin' nuts? Who does that? So, then I called my local dealer, and got a better deal. We are getting a new one, and we are financing this time around. The payment with an extended warranty will be 526.00. not really the dirrection we wanted to go, but whatever. It will have that new car smell (which we both love) and it is Dk. cherry red. (not to be mistaken with street walker red) We will pick it up on the 20th, when Dana flies home for the weekend. He will leave ont hat sunday for another week, then home for good. We are going to a wedding on the 27th, his neice, and kimberly is her flower girl. I am sure I will have lots to post about that!
time to get the kiddies from school.