Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have been super busy, not a dull moment here, in the Wilson house. First last weekend, we picked up our new truck, and man, is it pretty!! I am loving the Sync feature it has. Our phones are "blue tooth" (what ever that means, dh told me) and anyhow, our phone is now "synced" up to the car. I push a button, and the lady that lives in my car tells me to say a command. I say dial, and then the # and wah-lah. I am now talking to someone through my stereo. hmmm... It is neat, in a creepy kind of way. Since when did cars get so smart?? We are still getting to know the little nuances of the truck but it is fun. :) We also got 6 months of free Sirus radio. It's O.K., not sure if I am that impressed.
second, I met the dean of the masters program. She was very nice and we decided I will be studying "TeSOL". That is teaching students where English is not the primary language. What that will do for me, is to give me different teaching strategies in the diverse classroom. Let's face it, the class rooms are not all white these days. It will also make me more marketable with a Masters. It is a ton of work, but I do like being back in school.
(did I JUST utter that??)
third... I have been making jelly like mad. I made grape and apple. It came out ok, I am waiting for it to "set". Jelly takes a bit longer than jam. while I was making the apple jelly last night, Kimberly was helping. She was getting me the apples from the table of the deck. Well, while she was walking out she closed the door, and her little hand got slammed in the door. She caught her middle finger, her ring and pointer. The middle one is the one that took the brunt. Her little finger is swollen (and a LOVELY shade of purple). Today, she is going to the peds to make sure there is nothing wrong with it. OY. -Did I mention she is in a wedding this weekend??
fourth- Dana is coming home on Friday for good. It went by quickly.
Fifth, Alex is having a b-day party on the 4th. I need to figure out what to do with several little people for 2 hours. Any ideas?? Pray to the God's that it is sunny. Ohhhh Beth..... :) :) :)
ok, that is enough of the mundane. Just thought I would update.