Thursday, May 1, 2008


yup. seis. sven. seven. getting down there. I still have a mountain of papers. In fact, it is growing, not shrinking. WTF?? I mean, serioulsy. Ok, so here's the thing. (there is ALWYAS a thing me)some frineds of mine, introduced me to this new website, called face book, and there is a scrabble game. It is wicked fun, and just a *bit* distracting. So, last night instead of doing what I was supposed to (ie- lessons, and grading) I played a round of scrabble with them. Ok, so maybe it wasn't a round, it was a few turns. I have pretty much one week left, and then I am dun. Outta there. Finito. 23 more days till I graduate. Speaking of which-
I called the college last night since I had not heard anything about graduation. and guess whta? THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF ME... Super. (Insert anxiety attack). after several (rather calm, I might add) phone calls, they never recieved my paper. I have to send it out again. I got a call from the registrar, making sure I am going to graduate. YUP. Gimmie the pomp and circumstance. Bring it on!