Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day Two

of being home with the kids. I have an arm lengths list worth of things to accomplish.
1. call the borough and get a pool permit. (our neighbor gave us her pool)
2. call the garage and get all three vehicles inspected. (cringe, I know this is going to cost $$ :( )
3. call the dealership where we leased the truck. It is up in Aug., but if it needs tires and brakes, we want to turn it in early.
4.finish up my portfolio- I am meeting the supervisor at 7:15. - and since she is chronically late for everything, it means that I will see her at 8.
It doesn't sound like much but it is. My dishwasher is already running, coffee poured and two kids fed.-one is still sleeping.
Laundry to do... there is ALWAYS laundry to do. But since it is a sunny day I can hang it out to dry. :) Just thought I would leave you with this... because it is what I feel like doing.