Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And then there was three.

yup. unbelieveable, huh?? Three days of student teaching. Three days left of college. Period. Holy canoli. I guess it won't seem real to me, until I am walking across the stage, recieving my real fake diploma, and tossing my hat into the air. ~sigh. 18 more days until I graduate. man, it is coming down to the bottom. I was grading papers tonight, and as I wind down to the final 5 papers from my Sophomores (which physically HURT to read. Slamming my head in a bank vault door would be INFINATELY less painful than reading these) I think I will miss this. As much as I have complained about grading and lesson plans, I will miss it. I think it will be great to have my own room, and to do this on a regular basis.
I have my final observation on Wednsday. This will be done by my co-operating teacher, and be factored into my grade. Cross your fingers that I don't tank- I really meed a good grade from her. I am confident though, that it will go well. We will be doing a mock trial.
well, time to get the kiddies into bed, so I can continue grading, or challenge someone to a game of scrabble...